Ontario Four-Laning Highway 17

Published on July 11, 2019

The Ontario government is putting drivers’ safety first by investing in critical infrastructure development in Renfrew County.

Today, John Yakabuski, MPP for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, announced the province is widening Highway 17 from two to four lanes from Arnprior to Renfrew.

“We need to make Ontario’s transportation system work for everyone who relies on it to get to their school, to their jobs, and home to their loved ones,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “We are committed to the safety of families and communities in Renfrew County and throughout eastern Ontario, and that’s why we’re making smart investments here and across the province.”

The project will widen 22.5 kilometres of Highway 17 from Scheel Drive to three kilometres west of Bruce Street in Renfrew County. The project will also include four new interchanges. Widening the highway will reduce congestion and improve quality of life for workers, families and businesses in Ontario.

“Our government is getting Ontario moving by investing in key transportation projects,” said MPP Yakabuski. “Widening Highway 17 will make travelling easier and provide relief to the people of Renfrew County. We promised to prioritize this project, which is so important to the people of Renfrew County and all of Ontario. Promise made. Promise kept.”




“I want to thank Minister Mulroney and the Provincial Cabinet for their decision to move this project forward. This announcement will promote growth in the region that supports economic development, tourism and improves this key transportation link to large employers in the County. I want to take a moment to specifically thank MPP John Yakabuski, Councillor and former Warden Peter Emon, and Chair of the Operations Committee Tom Peckett for their tireless efforts to keep bringing this issue to the forefront with the Province, and creating dialogue with stakeholders. Their dedication to this project without a doubt has contributed greatly to the realization of today’s announcement.”

  • Warden Jennifer Murphy, County of Renfrew


“I want to commend the Ontario government for the efforts put forth to make this expansion project a reality. For the Town of Renfrew specifically, a number of positive spinoffs will result as a direct correlation to the highway expansion namely in enhanced economic development opportunities, increased efficiency of movement of labour, goods and services and improved road safety. The key to economic development is connectivity. The twinning of Highway 17 to Renfrew will create a positive atmosphere for growth in the Town of Renfrew and surrounding areas.”

  • Mayor Don Eady, Town of Renfrew


“The Township of Horton is extremely supportive of the commitment made by the Provincial Government to the next phase of the Highway 17 twinning project. This will provide many opportunities to the municipality and the County of Renfrew as a whole and is a vitally important issue in terms of the development of this critical piece of provincial and community infrastructure.”

  • Mayor Dave Bennett, Township of Horton


“Premier Ford along with our MPP John Yakabuski promised residents that, if elected, they would begin the process to extend the four lanes ASAP. They have kept that promise today.”

  • Mayor Tom Peckett, Township of McNab/Braeside


“I celebrate the announcement of the approval of the next stages of the twinning of Highway 17. The businesses of Renfrew and Area have been waiting a long time to hear this good news! We are confident that twinning the highway past Renfrew will help our community thrive.”

  • Susan Tough, President of the Renfrew and Area Chamber of Commerce




  • This stretch of Highway 17 sees approximately 14,200 vehicles per day.